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What happens in Benidorm, stays in Benidorm

Benidorm, the dazzling jewel of Costa Blanca never fails to captivate visitors with its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and iconic skyline. As one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, Benidorm boasts a perfect blend of modernity and traditional Spanish charm. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the delights that make Benidorm so beloved.

Beach Paradise

the beach of benidorm

Benidorm is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, drawing sunseekers and water enthusiasts from all over the world. The main beaches, Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente, stretch for miles, offering soft golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and an array of water sports. Whether you’re lounging under an umbrella or riding the waves, the beaches of Benidorm promise endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment.


Iconic Skyline

benidorm alicante

The cityscape of Benidorm is a sight to behold, characterized by its iconic high-rise buildings and skyscrapers that have earned it the nickname “Manhattan of the Mediterranean.” The towering structures offer spectacular panoramic views of the coastline and the azure sea. At night, the city lights create a dazzling display, making it a favorite spot for evening walks and romantic strolls along the promenade.


Lively Entertainment

benidorm nightclubs

Benidorm’s nightlife is legendary, with a vibrant atmosphere that caters to every taste. The “English Square” is a hub of activity, lined with pubs, bars, and clubs that keep the party going until the early hours. Music enthusiasts can enjoy live performances of various genres, while comedy clubs, karaoke bars and cabarets offer laughter and entertainment.

English Square

The Famous Benidorm Square

As the nightlife capital of Costa Blanca, Benidorm boasts an array of entertainment options centered around the famous “Benidorm Square” or “English Square.” This bustling area is alive with neon lights, music, and an array of pubs, clubs, and bars. Dance the night away to the latest tunes or enjoy classic hits in venues catering to diverse musical tastes. The energetic atmosphere in Benidorm Square makes it an essential stop for partygoers.

Beachfront Party Scene

Benidorm’s beachfront is another hotspot for nighttime fun. Many beach clubs offer open-air parties and chill-out lounges right by the sea. Dance to the beats of international DJs and enjoy cocktails with your feet in the sand, creating an unforgettable beach party experience.


Old Town Charm

benidorm old town
Benidorm Old Town

Amidst the modernity, Benidorm retains its traditional Spanish charm in the quaint streets of the Old Town, locally known as “Casco Antiguo.” Here, you can wander through narrow alleys, discover charming squares, and savor authentic Spanish cuisine in local tapas bars and restaurants. The Old Town offers a tranquil contrast to the lively atmosphere of the city’s main tourist areas.



Family-Friendly Attractions

Theme parks in Benidorm
Aqualandia Benidorm (Sierra Helada)

Benidorm is a haven for families, with a wide range of attractions to keep both kids and adults entertained. Visit Terra Mitica, a theme park that takes you on a journey through ancient civilizations, or head to Aqualandia, a thrilling water park perfect for cooling off on hot summer days. Mundomar, a marine animal park, and Terra Natura, a zoo with a focus on wildlife and conservation, offer educational and enjoyable experiences for all ages.


Cultural Enclaves


Beyond the beaches and entertainment, Benidorm offers cultural experiences worth exploring. Visit the Elche Park (Parque de Elche) to see the iconic “Doves of Peace” sculpture, or take a stroll to the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana, a picturesque church in the heart of the city. The Benidorm Palace, with its stunning shows and performances, showcases Spanish and international talent in a majestic setting.

In Conclusion

Benidorm is a destination that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. From its sun-kissed beaches and modern skyline to its lively nightlife and traditional charm, this coastal gem offers a unique blend of excitement, relaxation, and cultural richness. Whether you’re seeking a beach escape, a family adventure, or a vibrant party atmosphere, Benidorm promises a memorable experience that will stay with you long after you’ve left its sandy shores.